Designer Laminates - Decorative Laminates

Designer Laminates are the ones which are made with specialised designer paper and pressed with their complimented surface. Be it a PU Gloss or Velvet Matt or Wooden Texture or Even Leather, our Digital Laminates & Decorative Laminates are exclusive in terms of Design & Surfaces.

At Designer Elementz we have live display of more than 500+ Designer Laminate which is one of the largest live displays of designer laminates in India.

All our Designer Laminates Are mostly made out of European paper and pressed with European Stainless Steel Plates to give you the best of the designs and précised texture surfaces to help you in making your interiors luxurious.

What sets us apart, however, is our insatiable quest to improve our technology and optimize our resources to bring nothing short of the finest to our customers. Take a look at our world !

These specially designed Designer Decorative Laminates has unique versatility & can be used to beautify any of your furniture & panelling article/s be it your Kitchen or Wardrobe or Bed or Home Theatre or even your office furniture.

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We have right product for right applications. In our basket of designer laminates:

  • Exclusive Wooden Texture Laminates
  • Metal Laminates
  • Color Core
  • Digital Laminates
  • Leather Laminates
  • PVC & Acrylic Laminates

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